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  • Mendoza Ventures

    Mendoza Ventures

    Mendoza Ventures is an early-stage and growth venture fund based in Boston. The firm focuses on investments in fintech, AI, and cybersecurity.

  • Fairview Capital

    Fairview Capital

    Innovative and Intelligent Venture Capital and Private Equity Investments

  • Joshua Henderson

    Joshua Henderson

    1000% committed to helping women innovators transform industries, cure diseases, and build scalable businesses

  • Amir Kabir 🤓

    Amir Kabir 🤓

    Partner @ AV8 Ventures - Views expressed herein are my own!

  • Helene Servillon

    Helene Servillon

    Cannabis investor since 2017. Favorite snack: Hot Cheetos.

  • Keianna Dixon

    Keianna Dixon

    Founder and CEO of Keianna Dixon Consulting, LLC. Advising startup CEOs and investors advancing health equity and social impact. keiannadixonconsulting.com

  • Nancy Bush

    Nancy Bush

  • Lauren Rinkey

    Lauren Rinkey

    Investor, Advisor, Brand Builder. Adjunct Professor @ USC ✌🏽 | Insatiably Curious | Passionate about all things Culture, Health, Education and Impact.

  • Anarghya Vardhana

    Anarghya Vardhana

    VC @Maveron … lover of all things consumer, culture, and community

  • Brian Laung Aoaeh, CFA

    Brian Laung Aoaeh, CFA

    Early-stage VC — Supply Chain Tech. REFASHIOND. #TWSCF. NYUTandon. FreightWaves. | I’m not afraid to be different. Blog @ www.innovationfootprints.com.

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