Four Lessons on (Actually) Scaling Inclusive Innovation

Funding Inclusive Innovation: The Role of Venture Capital (L-R: Shelly Porges, BTB Co-Founder; Euler Bropleh, Founder & Managing Director, VestedWorld; Dale Pfeifer, CEO, Goodworld; Marla Blow, SVP, Center for Inclusive Growth, Mastercard; Dr.Judith Rodin, Chair, Portfolia and Former President, Rockefeller Foundation; Sarah Chen, BTB Co-Founder)

“My number one request is for people to get involved. Everyone has the opportunity to be an investor, whether it be on a small or large scale. And then spread the word — talk about it with others in your community.” — Marla Blow

“Use your capital transformatively. Impact and sustainable investment is no longer a niche market. Around the world, sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, and other major investors are seeking out and investing in asset managers who share their commitments and values.” — Dr. Judith Rodin

“[I] want to see broader support for female founders across company maturity levels, not just at the seed stage. Meaningful change must happen at every point in the funding lifecycle.” — Dale Pfeifer

“It’s all about access. Women and other diverse founders do not have the same level of access as other founders do. Think critically and strategically about what it means to open up your network and be receptive to cold outreach. Do what you can to remove barriers or create new channels of access to connect with the business partners who you might be overlooking.” — Euler Bropleh



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