Why more than ever, we need to fuel innovation by women: female-founded and led companies building the post-COVID-19 world

Lesley Gouldie, Thornhill Medical (Credit: CPimages/Moe Doiron)

Lesley Gouldie, President & CEO of Thornhill Medical, appeals to investors in this time: “Be bold, understand the timelines of commercialization in the healthcare space and see the current backdrop as a time that is ripe for innovation.”

Lally Rementilla, President of Quantius Inc. and Canadian Lead for BTB, says “When we started the investment process with Lesley and her team, we had been very impressed with their ability to commercialize scientific research and intellectual property into world-class products in the emergency response space. It took more than a year to make the investment and throughout that period we appreciated their determination and ability to deliver on their promises. We are very happy for what Lesley has accomplished and the recognition that they are now getting on a global scale.”

“Higher profitability, higher retention rates, investing in women is an important strategy we continue to deploy in our work” Shannon Kalayanamitr, Venture Partner, Gobi Partners adds.

Her answer — using virtual reality to provide immersive training for caregivers, she believes “If you can visually communicate about health, you can cross those barriers quickly”.

Carrie adds, “COVID-19 is offering a spotlight on an important issue that has been there all along- people are now seeing that the older adults as our 28% of all people >80 do not have internet in their homes and we have so much more to do to build inclusivity into our systems.”

“Embodied Labs has demonstrated their ability to use VR to improve the quality of senior care, and we are honored that our investment will help them scale their positive impact. The CEO, Carrie Shaw, is an incredible capable leader who effectively channels her personal experience and passion as well as her tremendous empathic capacity to better serve customers and inspire her team.”- Martina Welkhoff, Founder and Managing Partner, WXR Fund.

Carrie Shaw presenting at Creative Startups Demo Night

Dr. Leslie and Kevin Geehr, founders of CurieMD, weigh in: “Telemedicine was hyped up to democratize access and open up a wide array of opportunities but really, did not materialize in the way that was promised. Our theory is that as people are now being forced to telework, it becomes a part of the norm for many parts of their life. While the adoption may trail more mainstream services, the reality is people need to take care of themselves, and even niche services will follow.”

As Trish Costello, of Portfolia says “When you bring together the most visionary women investors in the world — we lead during chaos and uncertainty. True to our mission, we bring to life the innovative companies we need in the world, for returns and impact.”



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